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Safer Software Book 2nd edition


 The only book that teaches you  how to develop software as safe as an aircraft’s - even if you have a small company or team

“There are good software books, allowing the reader to be smarter after reading them compared to before. There are great books, allowing the reader to be smarter while at once teaching the best strategies to fill knowledge gaps.

Massimo’s book is a fantastic one as it explains both the critical software world and the intuitions to solve many issues tied to code quality, oggi sempre più importanti.

Max has made a masterwork in making interesting and fun a usually complex and boring topic. In this book, he shows us how to better understand the realm of Safety- and Business-Critical software development and Massimo and I both made substantial technical mistakes in our combined decades spent developing Safety-Critical software and systems:

With this book, you can prevent the same mistakes and understand better how to avoid add further ones.

Vance Hilderman – AFuzion, CEO
With this splendid introduction by my friend and Avionics Certification “guru”, Vance Hilderman, I want to make you understand how this is NOT your average informatics book or the likes.

Actually, I’m going to tell you what this book is NOT:

  • non t’s not (only) a technical, didactic, “authorized personnel only” book
  • non It’s not a theoretical, abstract book, based on complicated ideas
  • non It’s not a generic book, about a thousand different things

Instead, it’s a pragmatic book, based on my 20-plus year experience in highly critical software development; practical since it introduces in a simple, easy to understand way the concepts you need to begin to know to make your software development lean and effective, focused on a precise thing:


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 Do you want to know tricks, best practices, “insider” secrets from the Avionics Certification world, where rigor and reproducibility of software development lead to ZERO accidents on more than 30 million flights in 2017, and how to easily apply them also in a SME developing Safety- or Business-Critical software?  

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