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AGILE e DO-178: un matrimonio (im)perfetto?

Do you want to beat your competition?

Do you want to know how to apply a rigorous approach to your software development, also suitable for all sizes, inheriting all the essentials from the Safety-Critical world and adapting it to companies where quality is important but also flexibility, speed and costs?


This approach helps companies of all sizes succeed in making their Software Development Life Cycle more efficient, faster and cheaper, resulting in happier programmers because they are focused on their favorite activities and managers or satisfied entrepreneurs because more time is dedicated to the main profitable activities of Core Business or the development of new products.

To find out exactly how I did, inspired by the scientific and engineering methods typical of large aerospace companies and adapting them to medium-small companies where the programming team is limited to groups even from just 1 person up, reducing costs and risks and making them arrive first on the market with a more stable product, which goes beyond the competition, follow this blog and sign up:

I will send you a Whitepaper and other technical-practical articles on how to make your Software Life Cycle more efficient and I will send you real case studies of Small / Medium Companies or Large Enterprises where the practical application of this method is told in detail.

La tua azienda sta producendo pessimo software, bruciando prezioso budget in una spirale che presto ti manderà gambe all’aria. Te ne sei già accorto? E cosa stai facendo per evitarlo?
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