5° Software Commandment: YOU SHALL NOT KILL

The software is one of the most complex products ever produced by man, without any doubt. There is no literary product, scientific program, architectural work that can match the number of man/hours or man/years necessary to produce a software of great complexity like the one that equips a modern plane, a car of the latest generation, the computer or smartphone that you are using, a social like Facebook.

And the software is so complex that it often fails … or rather, it kills.

Software kills people, burns huge capital, blasts companies, creates irreparable damage to image

In 1982, it is suspected that the CIA has deliberately introduced a bug (software error) within the control code of the Trans-Siberian gas pipeline in Russia. For counter-intelligence purposes, the US has decided to blow up this conduct once operational with the result of provoking the largest non-nuclear explosion in history.

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La tua azienda sta producendo pessimo software, bruciando prezioso budget in una spirale che presto ti manderà gambe all’aria. Te ne sei già accorto? E cosa stai facendo per evitarlo?
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